Friday, February 7, 2014

Work for Zero Chaos

Part-time flexible work-from-home position for a leading Search Engine (Telecommute)

Do you have an eye for spotting awkward language in web ads or ads that are poorly matched with your search results? ZeroChaos, Inc. is recruiting average internet users for telecommuting positions as Ads Quality Raters. Ads Quality Raters work on assignment for our client, a leading Silicon Valley search engine company, to help improve the accuracy and relevancy of the ads that are placed with search results and on websites. Ads Quality Raters use an online tool to examine advertising-related data of different kinds and provide feedback and analysis. Ratings are based on our client's advertising product guidelines. Training is provided to explain the guidelines as well as the online rating tool. An Ads Quality Rater focuses on reviewing ads for a specific language and there are openings in many languages at this time, listed below. Now including US English! All work is performed from home, on your computer on a flexible part-time schedule.

Openings are available in the following languages: US English, German, Castilian Spanish (specific to Spain/Europe only), European French, Italian, simplified Chinese, Russian, Japanese, UK (British) English, or Portuguese (specific to Brazil). Please read requirements below for more detail.

Employment Details:
The pay rate is $15 per hour on a W-2 basis as an employee of ZeroChaos, Inc. The assignment is 365 days maximum but may be ended earlier by ZeroChaos or the employee. This is a part-time telecommuting position and you must provide your own computer and private internet connection. You will work a minimum of ten hours per week up to a maximum of thirty hours per week on a self-directed schedule. You will have access to the system to work when it suits your schedule as long as you obey the minimum and maximum hour requirements and do not work overtime. Please note that up to 5% of the tasks may involve sexual or violent adult content and you may not opt out of those but you can choose when to work on those tasks.

Please note: applicants must apply by following the specific instructions at the end of this job posting. Please read this entire posting and the instructions before applying. Being able to follow instructions for how to apply will not only help us quickly review your application, it will demonstrate that you are able to follow written instructions- a BIG part of working from home effectively in this role. Thank you!

-BA/BS or equivalent degree preferred, or equivalent experience.
-Ability to comprehend newspaper-level text quickly in one of the following languages without consulting a dictionary or translation tool: US English, Castilian Spanish (specific to Europe only), European French, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese (specific to Brazil), simplified Chinese, or Japanese. You may only work under one language for an assignment.
-Recent experience living in the specified country related to the language you're applying for. A year total within the past eight years is preferred, or shorter, frequent visits in recent years.
-Valid US work authorization. We do not hire outside the US. All work must be performed in the US.
-Ability to interpret both the content and tone of colloquialisms, regionalisms, and other subtleties specific to the language you apply for. Detect when advertising language sounds funny, awkward, or unnatural, even if grammatically correct.
-Extensive experience (as a user/consumer) of the internet and print culture of the country related to the language you apply for.
-A high-speed, secure, private internet connection.
-Ability to read and write in English well enough to use software with an English interface, understand complicated instructions written in English, and make yourself understood in informal written communication. This job involves frequent written discussion in English with fellow Ads Quality Raters and project administrators.

To Apply:
Make yourself stand out from other applicants by following our instructions for how to apply:
For immediate consideration, please send an email in the following format to the "reply to" email address displayed above. Please follow this format! If you would like to apply for more than one language please submit a separate application for each language. Keep in mind that if you are selected you are only hired to work on one language. Thank you.
SUBJECT must read: "Ads Quality Rater [specify language you are applying for]"
BODY of email: Please answer the following six application questions in your email
1. What language are you applying for?
2. In the past EIGHT years, have you spent at least a year total living in the country/countries related to the language you're applying for? Please specify: China, Spain, Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Brazil, United Kingdom, USA (only specify time spent living in the US if you're applying for US English).
3. In the past FOUR years how many times have you visited the country/countries related to your language? Specific to: China, Spain, Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Brazil, United Kingdom (if applying for US English skip this question)
4. In what ways do you keep up to date with the culture related to the language you're applying for?
5. Do you currently hold a Bachelor's Degree (or equivalent in another country) or higher?
6. Do you currently reside in the US and do you have legal authorization to work in the US?
7. How did you first hear of this position?
RESUME: Please paste the text of your resume into the body of the email, following your answers to the application questions. Be sure that we know your name, city/state and email address.

Thank you very much!

Keywords: translation, translate, writing, teacher, research, tutor, interpreter, instructor

  • Location: Telecommute
  • Compensation: $15.00 per hour


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